DC Katobi’s Fortune of Cairo CGC, SC

Cairo is available at stud to approved bitches.

» AKC Champion
» Field Champion
» Award of Merit at the AKC / Eukanuba National Championship show in Florida
» AKC Canine Good Citizen
AKC Senior Courser

Cairo is in the middle. The dog in front is Katobi's Luck of the Irish (Kelly, who is our Zara's full brother.) with Carol Morris, The female is K'azar GG Glitter Girl (?).

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Cairo with his little friend Valletta. Cairo with his little friend Valletta. Cairo

Sex - Male
Date of Birth - March 19, 2003
Color - Rich tan
Height - 24 ¾”
Weight - 60 pounds

Mark and Irina Loparev in Port Charlotte, Florida, USA
co-owner Carol Morris

Breeder: Lori Evans and Joseph Buchanan

Cairo's Eukanuba picture

Hello, Lori.

When we showed Cairo the first time in the spring of 2004, we (Mark, Irina & Cairo) had no conformation show experience, but after the very first time we were hooked. Of course, it is a lot easier and a lot more fun when your dog is winning.

We took classes at our doggie club and watched other handlers at the shows. There is still a lot to learn, but our fun hard work was rewarded: our Cairo was invited to the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship two years in a row. Last year we took him to Tampa ourselves but did not win anything. I think our lack of experience played a role, but just to be invited is a great honor.

This year we asked our friend Katherine Ariens to show Cairo at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. We have known Katherine for more then 2 years. There are not too many people that love and understand dogs like she does. Not only does she teach the conformation classes at Peace River Dog Fanciers club, but she also instructs the obedience and puppy lessons.

Cairo's success is her's, too. We knew Katherine and Cairo would make a great team. They know each other for a long time. Katherine is gentle and at the same time firm with Cairo, and Cairo would do anything for her. We could not think of a better person to ask to take Cairo into the ring. Katherine did an excellent job: Cairo really looked great. This time he received an Award of Merit. We are very exited and proud of him.

Katherine is not only a great handler and excellent teacher, she is a wonderful human being: kind, passionate and caring.

Irina Loparev

Super huge congratulations to Cairo on earning an Award of Merit at the AKC / Eukanuba National Championship show in Florida !!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations and Thank you to owners Mark and Irina Loparev and also co-owner Carol Morris for making it all possible.

I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled, excited and very proud I am of this accomplishment.

This is truly a big, big, big win!!
For those who may not be aware of this show, only the top 25 in each breed are invited to enter. This show is the only show in the US to offer and invitation to Crufts to the winners also. The breed judges are selected for their knowledge of the breeds. Top Dogs travel from all over the US to complete at this show and many are handled by Top (paid) handlers. 17 Pharaoh Hounds were entered, only 1 was absent.
So the competition at this show is fierce !!

So Cairo your win is truly special !


     Cairo lives with his family, Mark and Irina Loparev in Port Charlotte, Florida, USA.

     After Cairo’s debut at the PHCA National in 2004, he has been undefeated on his way to this AKC Champion title. As of July 2004, he has been shown 8 times and now has a total of 14 points including three majors.

     CAIRO IS AN AKC CHAMPION !!! Saturday, October 2, Cairo earned 2 points . That makes him a new champion !! We did not win any group placements, but we are very proud for him. Now everybody will know what we knew all along - HE IS A CHAMPION.

Here is what Cairo’s family says about him:

AKC Ch Katobi’s Fortune of Cairo CGC JC ‘Cairo’     Cairo entered our lives on May 29, 2003. He passed the Canine Good Citizen Test on October 13, 2003. Our first confirmation show was on March 6, 2004 in West Palm Beach, FL. None of us had any show handling experience before, but we won a second place in the puppy group sweepstakes. Not bad for a first timer, is it?
On April 11, 2004 Cairo earned his Junior Courser title and 2 points in AKC Lure Coursing. Then on June 20th he won his first 3 point major (Best of Winners) in Orlando, FL.

     He is definitely a Pharaoh; no questions about that. He likes to be in charge, but at the same time he is a very sweet boy. Cairo is The Hunter. If you want to see a gorgeous representation of the real hunter, look at him when rabbits are close to our fence. He turns into an embodiment of attention and readiness to strike. We have to watch him when the doors are not closed because he is always ready to go for a quest.

     He is a very lovable boy: playful, sweet and curious. Sometimes he reminds me of a teenager: just like one, he does not like to be in contact with you too much but wants you to be available at all times.

     I want to tell you a story that I think will describe his character: a caring friend who is right there by your side when you need him.

     In January I was very sick. You know that feeling when you have a fever of 103F, the medicine did not kick in yet, and your temperature does not go down for more then a half an hour. You get the picture... I had to stay at home all by myself, and Cairo was with me all this time. He did not leave my side until my husband and our daughter came home. He was a great comfort to me, and I think he knew that.

     As soon as I got better, he became a boy who likes to be his own man, just like before.

All Champion Pedigree

                                             Int Ch Merymut Adonis
Sw Ch Antefa's Hapi
Int Ch Antefa's Farah Dibah
AKC Ch Enigma Sovereign Journey
                                             Int Ch Merymut Adonis  
                              Int Ch Enigma Sophia
Int Ch Enigma Saphira 
ICh, AKC Ch, NL Ch, DK Ch, LuxCh, BelgCh, KBHW '04, EW'05, Landssieger '05, Jahrhundert-Sieger ‘06, Bundessieger ’06 Sovrin Superman SC CGC
DK CH Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis
Sw Ch Antefa's Jabbah-Kaa
                                             Int Ch Antefa's Farah Dibah
AKC Ch Enigma Sweet Heather-Bell
                                              Int Ch Merymut Adonis
Int Ch Enigma Sophia
                                             Int Ch Enigma Saphira

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                              AKC Ch Wadjet Windwest the Wanderer
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                              AKC Ch Qhaveat Shema Heavenly Bodhi JC
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 IntCh, AKC Ch, NL Ch, DK Ch, Swe Ch, Lux Ch, BS'05-'06, LS’06, JAS'06, Ger VDH Ch Katobi’s Kryptonite
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AKC Ch Jomara's Mystic Lady Katy SC
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