IntCh, DKCh, LuxCh, NLCh, BelgCh, NLJW '03, JAS '05, LC '04
Faouziah's Chesen Amon An


» International Champion
» Luxembourg Champion
» Nederlands Champion
» Danish Champion
» Belgian Champion
» JAhresSiegerin '05
» Euro-Cup-Winner '05
» Lure Coursing Champion '04
» NL Junior Winner '03
» BIS placements

» Qualified for Crufts

23.4.2006 - Agen France / CAC, CACIB, BOB infront of the judge 05.09.2004 Dog Show in Denmark - CAC, BOS 13.02.2005 - Danish National Houndshow, Erritsøe - BIS #2 !

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May 2009

October 2008, with daughter Avi :)

BOB and BOG AND no5 in show WAUW !!!

Sex - Female
Date of Birth - February 24, 2003
Color - Rich tan with white markings
Height - 59,5cm / 23,5 inch
Weight - 20,5 Kg / 45pounds
- OFA normal OFA#PH-PA30/15F/P-PI

Photo taken by Karl Donvil

Owner: Jan Bakker
Breeder: Larsson Anna, Sweden

Kes has been adopted by Marijke van Ooijen of Wateringen, Netherlands

From Show Ring
Date Critiques, awards and judges here


29.09.07 Germany results VDH, res.CAC
04.08.07 Belgium results CAC, New Belgian Champion
23.04.06 Agen / France Pic CAC, CACIB, BOB
08.04.06 Limoges / France Pic CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG #5
18.03.06 Belgie . res.CAC
29.01.06 Belgie . CAC, CACIB, BOS
18.01.06 Belgie . CAC, res.CACIB
26.11.05 DK Pic CAC, BOS, new Danish Champion
19.11.05 Belgie . CAC, CACIB, BOB, Euro-Cup-Winner 2005
03.09.05 Luxembourg Pic New International and Luxembourg Champion
27.08.05 Germany Pic, Pic  CAC, BOS, "JAS 2005" that is JAhresSiegerin 2005
27.05.05 NL . CC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 2, new NEDERLAND champion
06.03.05 NL Pic CAC, CACIB and BOS
13.02.05 DK Pic 3rd Danish CAC and BIS #2
13.02.05 DK . 2th Danish CAC and res.CACIB
05.09.04 DK Pic CAC, BOS
21.08.04 Belgie Pic  CAC, CACIB and BOB
17.07.04 NL Pic Kes wins lure coursing 2004 for pharao's at Rotterdam ZHWRV


NL Pic certified for Lure coursing in RvB (Dutch Kennel Club) approved races
26.06.04 NL Pic BOB, Best bitch, CAC and #4 overall in the Match
12.06.04 NL KCDB Hulten . CAC and BOS
18.04.04 NL AKC Waterland De Rijp . Best Bitch
12.04.04 NL SHF Leeuwarden Pic CAC and BOS
21.03.04 NL KV Rijnland Leiden Pic CAC and BOS
25.01.04 NL KCZY Zaandam . BOB, BOG, #5 MATCH
06.12.03 NL Amsterdam Winner Pic NL JW'03 with double CAC and BOS


                                            DK Int CH KBHV 81,82,83,85,87 NL CH Fallohide King Ramses
DK, Int CH KLBCH Lux CH UWW-89 LP1 KBHV 90,91 K´Bir Ramses el Kabul
                                            Am.CH Shema´s Khantessa
JEUW '97, KBHJW '97, INT & NORDUCH, NUCH, SV '98, SLCCH, WW '02, #3 AKC Farao Anubis Ramses
                                            Int Nord DK CH EUW-95 NordV-98 KBHV-99 S BIS Antefas Jabbah-Kaa
Int Nord Fin CH KBHV-95 Nord V-96 SV-96 S BIS Enigma Shining Hickory
                                            Int Nord CH Enigma Sophia
SUCH NUCH SV-02 WW'03 Antefa's Minas Tirith
                                            Int S N CH Merymut Adonis
                             S CH Antefas Hakem
                                            Int Nord CH SV-89,91,92,93 S BIS Antefas Farah Dibah
               Ch Puressence Dandaloo Doowi
                                            Int DK CH KBHV-89 WW-89 Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis
S N CH Antefas Joppedi-Joppeda
                                            Int Nord CH SV-89,91,92,93 S BIS Antefas Farah Dibah

                                            Ch. Shama's Y-E Five-O
Ch Shema's Khara Nasir
                                            Ch. Shema's Khan Khara
Ch Imerat-Paroo Of The Netherlands
                                            DK Int CH KBHV 81,82,83,85,87 NL CH Fallohide King Ramses
                              Ch Wadjet-Sakkara Of The Netherlands
                                            JW., W.'83,'84 Teti-Senjura of the Netherlands
NORDV '00, KBHW '99, SV '99 + '00, NORDUCH, DKUCH, INTUCH Siphra's Tell Me No Lies
                                            Int DK CH KBHV-89 WW-89 Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis
Ch Antefa's Jem-Seti
                                            Int Nord CH SV-89,91,92,93 S BIS Antefas Farah Dibah
Ch Siphra's Mama Mia
                                            FIN & ESP CH EuJW-91 Leeward's Han Solo
                              Ch Scheik's Orchid
                                            FIN CH FINW-90 PLSg-91 PZSg-91 Scheik's Isabella



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