Sovrin Superman ‘Kal-el’
December 20 1998 to February 10 2011

    In so many ways he was unique. A once in a lifetime dog. He left his mark on the Pharaoh Hound breed, the sport of dogs and my heart.

     Kal-el was my friend and constant companion for 12 years. We traveled the world and experienced so many ‘firsts’ together. He almost never had a bad day and his effervescent personality made every day brighter.

     Kal-el demanded attention and would stomp his feet and smile for food. If I managed to ignore that, he would take my arm or sleeve in his mouth and just lead me over to what he wanted.

     He knew so many words, I could carry on a conversation with him. He would actually answer, in his own ‘woo woo woo’ as though he was trying to form words. And he always had to have the last word. If I said, ‘What do you want?’, he would trot over to whatever it was he wanted and push it with his nose. Which always had something to do with food.

     He was not an affectionate boy, yet almost every night, he would eventually crawl under the covers and get as close to me as he could. But that was the only time he cuddled unless there was a thunderstorm. Then he would put his head on my lap and tremble just a little. I was happy he felt I was his protector when he did need one.

     He loved walking on the beach, chasing rabbits and having fun, but would only come back when he decided he had had enough. I remember when he got loose in The Netherlands and when I caught up with him he was covered with the black, smelly mud from the bottom of a canal. He looked like a brindle Pharaoh Hound.

     Kal-el loved the show ring, because he loved being the center of attention and Joe would feed him liver endlessly. I had to cook a pound or two of liver for just one show! If a piece of liver was not tossed every few seconds, Kal-el would start to talk again.. demanding more. Joe did his best to keep him entertained by doing his obedience routine of sits and downs, which he did with lightning speed. He was a clown and a showing fool and always so much fun.


     Lure coursing was his passion. In his prime it took two people to get him to the line. Me on the front end and Karen with a slip lead around the loin. He always ran clean, he never cheated and it gave me great joy to watch him doing what he was meant to do.

     Kal-el, if there is a doggie heaven, I hope there are bunnies there for you. I love you and will miss you forever.

His many accomplishments in the sport of dogs ……………..
American Kennel Club Bench Champion
American Kennel Club Senior Courser
American Kennel Club Field Champion
American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen
American Kennel Club #1 male/#2 Pharaoh Hound 2001, 2002
American Kennel Club Top 5 Pharaoh Hound 2000, 2003, Top Twenty 1999
Westminster Kennel Club Award of Merit 2002 and 2003
United Kennel Club Grand Champion

International Champion
Belgian Champion
Danish Champion
French Champion
German National and Sighthound Club Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Netherlands Champion
Netherlands Veteran Champion
Swedish Champion
Copenhagen Winner 2004
Euro Winner 2005
Landessieger 1005
Jahrhundert-Sieger 2006
Bundessieger 2006
Best In Show, Best Veteran in Show….with too many Group placements to count

     And his legacy …… 21 Champion offspring around the world with several more on their way Kal-el was a pre-potent and dream sire who stamped his type in almost every breeding.

AKC Champion XO Superhero SC ‘Neo’
AKC Champion XO Spectacular Spectacular ‘Rave’
AKC Champion XO Fuji JC ‘Fuji’
AKC Dual Champion Katobi’s Fortune of Cairo SC CGC ‘Cairo’
AKC Champion XO The Matrix Reloaded JC ‘Trinity’
AKC Champion XO Gone With The Wind JC ‘Scarlett’
AKC Champion XO Gold Card ‘Goldie’
AKC, Canadian Champion XO’s Invincible JC ‘Brodie’
Belgian, Luxembourg Champion XO’s Immortal ‘Connor’
AKC Dual Champion, Netherlands Champion XO’s Ideal MC ‘Dolly’
AKC Field Champion XO’s Icon MC ‘Vista’
AKC Dual Champion, Canadian Champion, UCICB Champion XO’s Imperial SC HIC
AKC Field Champion XO Golden State SC ‘Finn aka Stinky’
Swedish Champion SLCCH Xemjia Almost an Angel ‘Maya’
Finish Champion B’Tesem Ahmosis Tal Sannat ‘Jaro’
Czech, Polish, Slovakian Champion B’Tesem Merenamun Tal Sannat ‘Amon’
Czech Champion, Junior World Winner B’Tesem Ramisis Tal Sannat ‘Ramis’
German Champion B’Tesem Aanisah Tal Sannat ‘Aanisah’
Polish Champion Eneas Lateef Tal Sannat ‘Lafitek’
AKC Champion Eneas Nehemiach Tal Sannat ‘Jeremi’
Finish, Norwegian Champion Eneas Shemiel Tal Sannat ‘Welmu’



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